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Aer Lingus Facing Accident Claims Legal Action After Heavy Landing

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A former cabin crew member of Aer Lingus is taking legal action after suffering injuries as a result of a “heavy landing” at Dublin International Airport, as recently reported by The Daily Mail. The flight attendant, who now works as part of the Aer Lingus communications team, is taking legal action after she admitted to a court that she thought she was going to die during a landing.

How the UK's Daily Mail website reported the news.
How the UK’s Daily Mail website reported the news.

Cassandra Reddin claims that her injuries occurred as a result of the flight’s co-pilot failing to adequately supervise the landing by the plane’s captain. She claims to have suffered due to the landing that saw the plane bump at least three times on the runway due to the speed of the descent. According to Miss Reddin she suffered whiplash and other injuries.

Personal Injury Claim Against Aer Lingus

She told the court that the plane bounced along the runway with safety leaflets and luggage becoming detached from holders. She also claimed that some passengers broke their duty-free alcohol due to the heavy descent. According to Miss Reddin, the plane had descended far too quickly and been rocking from side to side before the landing.

Furthermore, the crew had been asked to take their seats 20 mins earlier than usual, something that Miss Reddin deemed odd in court. The court heard from Miss Reddin’s defence who stated that the Airbus 320’s rate of descent was as fast as 1,400 feet per minute: “three to four times what it should have been.”

Speaking in court, she said: “The gear was down and the plane was rocking from side to side. The plane bounced on the runway three times.

“Passengers were screaming and we could hear glass smashing and alcohol was pouring on the passengers. I thought we were all dead, that the aeroplane was not going to stop. I was shaking.”

She also told the court that she tried to reassure passengers but was told that she did not sound like she was convincing passengers of their safety.

Another co-worker, also on the flight, agreed with Miss Reddin’s assessment of the incident stating that it was the scariest flight of her life. The court also heard that a senior member of cabin crew informed all members involved in the incident not to mention what happened as the “co-pilot was mortified.”

Injuries Following the Incident

Following the landing, Miss Reddin claimed that she could not move her neck properly for a few days and began to suffer from panic attacks as a result of the heavy landing. The neck and back injuries worsened over the next few days with Miss Reddin also having an issue with moving her shoulders. Rather than improving over time, her injuries worsened for a number of days after the incident forcing her to go to the airline’s doctor a few days after the incident.

Although Aer Lingus have denied any wrongdoing, Miss Reddin has claimed that the airline failed in their duty of care, that the pilot failed to exercise the appropriate care, skill and caution on landing the plane and that it exposed her, and others to a risk of injury.

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