Cycling Accident Claims in Sunderland: Bicycle Injury Compensation

More and more people in Sunderland are now using bicycles and bikes on a daily basis, whether to ride to work, or as a leisure activity. With the amount of cars on the road, this has predictably led to an increase in cycling accidents. Unlike other road users, cyclists typically won’t have any form of insurance, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot claim for cycling accident compensation.

Free Phone Consultation and No Win No Fee Claims for Cyclists

We offer a free phone consultation initially for people in Sunderland who would like to make cycling accident claims, or wish to find out how much cycling accident compensation they could be due. Our specialist personal injury lawyers are available 24 hours a day via our helpline number that you can find on the top of our website.

Alternatively, if you would like us instead to call you back when convenient, then please complete the form on this page. One of our experts will then call you back and gather some initial information from you regarding a possible cycle accident claim in Sunderland.

Help With Cycling Accident Claims in Sunderland

Each and every year, we help cyclists around the UK to claim for bicycle accident compensation where the incident was not their fault. We help and support cyclists claim for injury, psychological suffering, financial losses, and rehabilitation in more serious cases.

In addition to that, many of our solicitors are cyclists themselves and understand how dangerous the roads in Sunderland can be to those riding bikes. So if you want an expert opinion, with a no risk financial approach due to our no win no fee* agreements, then please call today to get started.

How Much Bike Accident Compensation?

Bicycle injury compensation amounts in Sunderland and the UK will vary on a case by case basis. No one bike accident claim will be the same, which is why we always take a highly individual approach to all callers who require our personal injury services.

At Accident Claims Sunderland we want to make sure that you don’t suffer financially after a cycling accident. Our lawyers ** work tirelessly to recover the most amount of bicycle accident compensation possible under UK law – and in the quickest time possible, too.

We will seek to recover the following compensation types for you:

  • Compensation for physical injury
  • Compensation for property damage
  • Out-of-pocket expenses, including travel and medical healthcare
  • Loss of earnings and time off work

Cycling Accident Compensation Amounts in Sunderland and UK

As we said, compensation amounts will vary, but below you can see some examples that have been paid out in the UK over the last couple of years to riders that made bicycle accident claims.

Cycling Accident Claims Sunderland
Rough guidelines on amounts involved in a cycle accident claim in Sunderland.

Effective Legal Representation for Cyclists

Our team work hard to make sure that you receive the best legal representation possible, all are dedicated to helping people make bike accident claims in Sunderland. We try to ensure that the process is as simple as possible in what can be a very complicated area.

When you call our helpline, we will ask you some very simple questions about what happened and the circumstances. Based on that initial evidence, we can then quickly tell you whether you are able to make a bicycle accident claim in Sunderland. We might even be able to give you a rough guide to the compensation you could receive. If you would like to proceed, one of our specialist personal injury lawyers ** will then take on your case.

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