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Despite the fact that industrial accidents are decreasing year on year, they can still happen. In places such as Sunderland and the Tyne & Wear area where there has always been a focus on industrial work, there are unfortunately times when workers might need to seek industrial injury compensation.

Our personal injury solicitors are specialists in industrial accident claims, which by their nature are sometimes a lot more complex that standard personal injury claims.

That’s why you should always seek the services of a specialist solicitor or lawyer.

We offer free and confidential phone consultations to all callers and our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day. If you would like to know what your rights are after an industrial injury at work please call us today so we can assess your case quickly.

Industrial Injury at Work – Claim Types

The types of industrial accident claim that we can help with are varied, and will differ from case to case. Below is a list of common accidents that our lawyers can help and support Sunderland workers with.

Industrial Injury Claims – How Much Compensation in Sunderland?

In terms of industrial injuries compensation, the amounts that you will receive are dependent on the injury you suffered, and how long it took you to recover. In worst case scenarios you might not be able to return to work at all.

Not being able to work after an accident can put a lot of pressure on both you and your family from a financial perspective so we always look to resolve industrial injury claims in Sunderland as quickly as we can, with the maximum settlements possible.

We will also guide you on claiming for disability benefit from the Government who have also set aside money for people involved in industrial accidents in the workplace.

Compensation amounts that we might be able to win for you will be different from case to case and it will very much on the individual circumstances.

Worried About Your Employer?

If you have concerns about taking legal action against an employer after an accident at work then please let us put your mind at rest. Firstly all calls into our team of solicitors are confidential.

Not only that, but if we decide that we can represent you with an industrial accident claim, any compensation that we seek will be paid for by insurance companies. All businesses in Sunderland are required by law to have these insurance policies.

As a result, any industrial injury at work settlement will be paid for by an insurance company so your employer will not need to pay the compensation award. It’s a very common scenario and one that happens almost on a daily basis around the UK.

Employers are also not allowed to discriminate against workers who have made personal injury claims against them. So you are legally protected each step of the way. Our accident claims solicitors can tell you more once you have instructed us to represent you.

How to Get Started with an Industrial Injury Claim

To make an industrial injury claim in Sunderland, or to just get free legal guidance so you know what your rights to compensation are as a worker, please call our helpline today. One of our specialists will ask you a few simple questions in order to find out a little bit more about what happened to you, and then tell you whether or not you are eligible.

If you are eligible, we will arrange an appointment with a solicitor who will then act on your behalf. All personal injury claims we help to arrange are managed on a no win no fee* basis.

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