Factory Accident Claims in Sunderland

Factory workers are in a very high risk bracket when it comes to be injured and hurt in the workplace. With a higher than average concentration of factories in Sunderland, we have felt it necessary to develop a page which offers our specialist legal services for those seeking personal injury compensation after injuries that have occurred in factories and warehouses.

How to Make a Factory Accident Claim in Sunderland

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All of our solicitors and lawyers work on a no win on fee* basis, and you can get a quick and instant assessment of your legal rights by calling our 24 hours a day helpline. If you think you could be due factory accident compensation in Sunderland, or wish to make a warehouse accident claim then call today.

Factories and warehouses can be dangerous places, especially if health and safety rules are not adhered to. The types of factory accident claim cases in Sunderland will typically result from the following types of scenarios:

  • Falls from heights
  • Slips and trips
  • Criminal behaviour
  • Assaults by co-workers
  • Falling objects
  • Electric shocks and burns
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Accidents with machinery

Worried About Making a Warehouse Accident Claim?

Many workers who have called us are rightly concerned about the consequences of taking legal action against a current employer. When you call us, our solicitors will immediately put you at ease. You might not be aware, but all companies and businesses in Sunderland are required by law to be insured against accidents in warehouses and factories.

This means that any personal injury compensation awards will be paid for by insurance companies, and not by your employer. That means they will not have to pay any large compensation payments if you are successful with your claim.

Not only that, but companies are not allowed to discriminate against workers or employees who take legal action of this type. If you are still worried then please call us for a confidential discussion about how we can help you.

Factory Accident Compensation Sunderland

The amount of compensation that you will receive will be entirely based on how injured you were including any financial losses you might have incurred. Different body parts have different grading for personal injury and accident claim compensation so we cannot give you a figure until such time we have been able to talk to you about what happened to you whilst you were working.

To get started call us today on 01916 222 197^. All calls are confidential. All calls are also completed under a free consultation where by you are under not obligation to use our solicitors and lawyers’ services once we have guided you. You can find out more about how we work by looking at our work accident claims page for Sunderland workers.

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