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If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident then you need solicitors that understand and sympathise with your needs. You need a firm of lawyers that have dealt with the intricacies and legal requirements that typically arise from motorbike accidents. At Sunderland Personal Injury we are all of that and more and can help any motorcyclist in Sunderland make a claim after a road traffic accident that was not their fault.

Motorbike Accident Compensation – The Sunderland Specialists

Motorcycle Accident Claims Sunderland
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We always go the extra mile to help riders and strive to get them the maximum compensation amounts possible for their injuries and financial losses in as quick a time as possible. Because we are experienced in handling motorbike accident compensation claims it means you can trust in our solicitors to work to the best of their ability in the pursuit of justice.

To get started please phone us. Our lines are always open and we offer free consultations to all callers where we can quickly assess your motorcycle injury claim and tell you what your options are. We also work on a no win no fee* agreement which means you have the peace of mind of not having to pay out any expensive legal fees.

Motorcycle Accident Claim Scenarios

The types of common accidents that we able to represent riders on include, but are not limited to the following incidents leading to motorbike accident compensation:

  • Collisions with pedestrians
  • Car doors opening leading to injury
  • Slipping on water or oil patches
  • Collisions with other vehicles including cars, buses, and lorries
  • Accidents at junctions, roundabouts, pulling away, and over-taking

What You Can Claim For?

Our Sunderland motorcycle accident solicitors will work to ensure that you receive adequate compensation for the following items and losses. Each step of the way we will inform you exactly what’s happening so you have the peace of mind in knowing your claim is being dealt with professionally:

  • Your injuries and mental suffering
  • Time off work and loss of earnings
  • Expenses incurred, including medical treatment
  • Damage to property including your bike

How Much Motorcycle Accident Compensation?

Because motorcycle accidents can be very serious, there are no standard compensation amounts in Sunderland. In more serious cases involving long-term disability then the compensation awards will be very large, but for aspects including broken limbs, cut, or bruises, then payouts could range into the thousands.

Our solicitors will be able to give you a good indication of what could be possible for you once you call us and supply details on what happened including dates, medical records, witness statements, and any police reports if they were taken.

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