Construction Accident Claims in Sunderland & Building Site Injury Claims

No matter how many precautions are taken, building sites can be dangerous places to work. If you have been hurt whilst working in the construction industry in Sunderland or Tyne and Wear, and it was not your fault, then there’s every chance you could be due building site injury compensation.

Construction Accident Compensation Sunderland
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Our solicitors work on a no win no fee* agreement, and also offer a free phone consultation. So if you would like to find out more, and get a quick appraisal on whether or not you are eligible, then please call our 24 hours a day hotline now. One of our accident claims specialists will be more than happy to tell you your legal rights.

If we believe that you are due personal injury compensation for a construction site accident claim, then we will arrange for one of our solicitors to then talk with you and manage your claim on your behalf. We work construction workers around the UK in helping them to receive the justice that they deserve for personal injury.

Can My Employer Fire Me for Making a Claim?

Understandably you might have concerns and worries about making an injury claim against your employer or boss. Please be assured than any legal route you take should not have any impact on the company that you work for as they will have employer’s liability insurance,

What this means is that if one of their workforce is injured on a building site, then the company will be covered by insurance when it comes to a personal injury claim. As well as that, employers are not allowed to discriminate or fire workers who have made a claim. We will treat your call with the utmost confidentiality and will put your fears at ease when you call us.

Construction Accident Compensation – How Much?

Construction accident compensation in Sunderland, or anywhere else in the UK for the matter is entirely based on a case by case basis. Our lawyers treat all clients as an individual and not a number so you can be assured that will investigate fully. We will also fight to ensure that no stone is left unturned in pursuing the maximum amount of compensation possible for our Sunderland clients.

Building Site Accident Claim Types

The types of construction accident claims that our team are able to help you with include, but are not limited to the following (most common types).

  • Faulty scaffolding and machinery
  • Falls from roofs, cranes, ladders
  • Falls into unguarded holes, pits or trenches
  • Failing to keep the site reasonably clean and tidy
  • Failing to properly plan how to do a job
  • Cutting corners in the interests of profit and at the expense of safety
  • Assaults and criminal behaviour

Your employer has a legal responsibility to protect workers against injuries on building sites. Where health and safety legislation has been broken or ignored, then any claim will be constructed and supported with witness evidence and statements.

Even if you are self-employed then you are still able to take legal action for a construction site accident claim in Sunderland. If you need any clarity on the law and where you stand then act now and call us. Our solicitors and lawyers have years of experience in working on work accident claims and can guide you immediately.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

Below is a list of the common forms of injury that those working in the building trade can suffer from, all of which can make up part of a compensation claim.

  • Burns caused by fires or exposure to chemicals
  • Head and Brian Injuries caused by being struck by tools, material or equipment
  • Back injuries caused by falls or lifting accidents
  • Fractures to wrists, arms and legs caused by collisions with heavy plant or equipment
  • Fatal Injuries
  • Amputations or other serious injuries to the fingers and hands caused by operating dangerous machinery

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